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Leaf Cutter Bee

If your plant has round holes in its leaves and you don’t see any larvae, it’s definitely a leafcutter bee.

This bee is a good pollinator. It needs soft leaves to build its home. Makes different boxes out of leaves and keeps an egg and some nectar in each box.

If it has attacked your plants, don’t panic and don’t spray. And the good thing is that it won’t stay in your house for long. The bus will just do its job and go.

Since it is a good pollinator bee, some people invite it to their garden, for which a house is made by making holes in thin bamboo or wood.

It only cuts the leaves of the plant and does not harm the plant. Its attack is seen more in March and October. When it’s breeding season.

It preys on cataracts, guavas, mulberries, roses, and other soft-leaved plants



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