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How to Make Seed Balls So Plants Grow Exactly Where You Intend

Millions of trees are cut every year in the world. Not so many are planted. Millions of trees are disappearing from the world day by day. Trees provide us with oxygen and keep the atmosphere moderate, if there are no trees, the result will obviously be in the form of global warming.


Seed balls are the easiest way to plant a tree by the hundreds. Greenery, greenery and bunches of trees will sprout wherever these shells explode.
Seed shells were first invented in Kenya and are now being manufactured commercially by various companies around the world.
Seed shells make sowing easier, especially when sowing very small seeds. And when the seeds are sown over a large area.
Covering the seeds with soil also prevents them from being washed away by rain or becoming food for birds. Flowering plants can also be planted in clumps by planting more than one seed in a ball.

Procedure to make Seed’s Balls:

Let’s learn how to make a seed ball.

For this you need:

  1. A number of bowls and trays
  2. Two-number hands that are good to play in clay
  3. Clean soil without stones, weeds etc
  4. Compost, animal dung compost
  5. Water
  6. seeds
  7. Drying place
  8. Labeling and packaging of seeds

First Step:

Mix one part compost to two parts soil. Now add enough water to mix the soil well and make it soft.

Second Step:

Knead the clay mixture with your hands until it is completely soft and ready to roll. If the soil feels too dry, add water, if it feels too soft, add more soil.

Third Step:

Now make a round ball of the prepared clay mixture with the help of the palms of your hands. Keep the ball size of a medium walnut. About an inch round. Make balls and keep in a tray.

Fourth Step:

Now insert seeds into these shells before they dry. Keep the number of seeds as per your choice. If there are seeds of large trees and plants, put one or at most two in a ball. Insert five, ten, fifteen seeds into flower seeds or plants that are to be planted in bunches.
Now correct the shape of the ball again i.e. make it round again after adding the seeds.

Fifth Step:

The seed pods are ready, just dry them in a warm, ventilated and shaded place for several days. Protect from sunlight and moisture. When dry, pack and label them.

Sixth Step:

When the seed pods are dry, now comes the stage of sowing them.
Plant them in your garden, or scatter them in your field and they will grow by themselves when watered.

  1. Gift to friends.
  2. If you go on an outing etc., just walk and throw one ball at a short distance.
  3. Be it the hills of FR Peshawar or Shreekera, Pakhi Faridi, Kandau or Jinnah Kod, be it plains or open fields, just scatter these shells everywhere and then see the miracle.
  4. Just keep in mind to sow the seeds of the plant and tree required in the area.
  5. How about the next time you go, colorful roses are blooming on one side, lilies on the other side, and sunflowers looking at you in front. If you go a little further, grapes and pomegranates stand in line to welcome you.
  6. What’s wrong with thinking?
    And there is absolutely no problem in doing it, but considering the climate change, it has become a duty.

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