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Gardening Tips and Tricks

Here are some gardening tips that will give your plants a huge boost without breaking the bank. Vegetable and fruit peels are an excellent source of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc and many other useful nutrients. You can use them in different ways.

Dry them and grind them and add two or three spoons as needed in the clay of the pots and grind them.

Put these peels in a grinder, and add water and grind to make a juice and add more water to the plants.

Boil these peels in water and add more water to the plants when it cools down (make compost from the remaining peels).

Collect these husks in a bucket, drum or large pot or earthen pit, add the husks along with the decayed leaves of the plants and when full, add a layer of soil on top. In some time the compost will be ready.

When a new plant is to be planted, fill the hole of the pot and fill half of the pot with dry peels (if the peels are not dry, there is a fear of ants) and fill the remaining part with soil. This way you don’t need to add compost to the soil.

Eggs, potatoes and rice are boiled at home. After boiling, add this water to the plants when it cools down.

Add the water in which pulses, meat, etc. are washed, to the plants. This also gives the plants useful ingredients found in pulses and meat.

Put the banana peels in bottles and keep them in the shade. (One medium sized banana peel to one liter) After a week add this water to the plants and re-water the remaining peels and use until the peels are completely dissolved.

Wash and dry the used tea leaves and add them to the plants (remember that if you add them without washing and drying them, it will cause fungus). It helps in making the soil acidic. Especially useful for roses, tomatoes and leafy plants such as mini plant, Diffenbachia and Monsteria etc.

Grind the eggshells dry and add them to the plants as required. It is the easiest and cheapest source of calcium.

Spray two spoons of raw milk in one liter of water to make the leaves of leafy plants (mini plant etc.) shiny.

If you eat dry fruits, instead of throwing away the peels, burn them to ashes. Put this ash in the potting soil. It is a source of potassium and helps protect plants from fungi. And if this ash is washed on the plants, especially on the small plants, it also protects the plants from insects.

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