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Creating a Natural, Cool and Densely Shaded Verandah of Grape Vine

In this post we will learned about the different types of grapes, their color as well as how we can enjoy the natural environment by adapting the vines to cool shades and natural and beautiful verandahs on the roofs of our houses.

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Whether you live in the villages or in the city

  • Raw land is not available
  • space is lacking
  • you can easily grow grape vines and reap its countless benefits along with grape fruit

Grape vines grow rapidly and thrive in summer

The grape vine can also be planted on the second and third floor (roof) to create a natural shaded verandah. Where the pleasure of sitting and drinking tea is something else. By creating a grapevine veranda on the roof, pet birds and bees can also be raised under it in a natural and healthy environment.

Even these small plants can be protected from the heat by placing pots of vegetables and flowering plants under the grapevine veranda in hot and cold weather. Since all the leaves of the grape vine turn yellow in winter, we can also enjoy the sun in winter.

Grape vines can be grown both in the ground and in pots

Grape vines can easily be grown in 18″ to 24″ inch pots:

  • Old dung manure or leaf manure to the grapevine while sprinkling of wood ash on the leaves is very useful. If you want the sweetest variety of green grapes, grow Sugara-1 or Sultania-C.
  • If you want to grow red grapes, Red Globe is the best.
  • If you want a black grape seeded variety, choose NARC Black (NARC – Black).
  • If you want some maroon variety with good sized bunches, King Rubi is the best.

The choice is yours

Apart from these varieties of grapes there are some other varieties

When to grow Grapes plants

Any time from November to February, you can plant the vines of your choice

When planting grapevines, two lumps should be in the ground and one lump should be outside the ground.
Applying the pen in this way will give 100% success.

Grape vines can be purchased and planted from a nearby nursery anytime from February to October.
Relatively high yields and sweet fruits can be obtained by annual pruning of grape vines in Botanical Garden.

Pruning procedure of grape vine is slightly different from other trees.

Pruning vines grown for shade should be done in such a way that the verandah made of vines will also remain.



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