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How to get rid of Aphids on plants

Small black bugs that are seen on home grown vegetables and common plants also eat the whole plant in a few days, I use aloe vera spray for them and for all other bugs. am

It is a beautiful system created by Allah, where everything has advantages and disadvantages, but nothing is without a purpose.

In this world, both aphids and ants will always be seen in the same place because ants breed them and ants get food from them.

Glory be to Allah and praise be to Him
Glory be to Allah the Great

The ants store up the oil moth eggs and bring them out after winter. Now the hatchlings feed on leaves and especially when the new flower starts to form. , then the waste that these insects produce
Honeydew, the last picture showing drops on the leaf is honeydew which is the favorite food of ants. Just as humans raise cattle and use their milk, meat, eggs, skin, fat, etc. for profit, just like ants farm oil and eat honeydew, the cycle does not end here. Rather, they eat the worm that becomes sick or old so that healthy insects are always working and getting good food. It is also the responsibility of ants to move them from one place to another. Ants will always be seen moving up and down the plants along with insects. Young and healthy insects that want freedom are clipped so that they can only focus on their work. They consist of different species of insects that feed on different types of plants or their roots and all are farmed by ants.

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